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Quilt Canada 2017 information


Community Outreach had another work bee at the home of Kathryn Karr. We came together to cut batting, backing and binding for some 42 pieced tops we currently have. We had a good turnout and everyone worked really hard. They had fun too!

Community Outreach (aka Quilts for Others)
NHQG has always been very busy with community service. We've had a challenge where members made a quilt top from a mixed bag of donated fabric scraps. Thirty three wonderful tops came back, were assembled and sent to our longarmers for quilting. We've donated quilts to some womens' shelters throughout the Niagara area and we continue to support familes who have suffered a devastating fire. On average we send out approximately 60 to 80 quilts a year, all through the loving hands of guild members.

Meals On Wheels Project:
The Meals On Wheels project continues to be extended to this past year's Christmas project and into the future. Guild Members will make quilted placemats again.. In previous years, these placemats have been greatly appreciated by the Meals On Wheels recipients. Here's a sample:


Neo-Natal Quilts:
We also make neo-natal quilts for infants at the St. Catharines hospital. Neo-Natal quilts should not be any larger than 22 to 24 inches square. The front or top of the quilt may be made from either cotton or flannelette.  You may be as creative with the top as you wish.
The backing must be flannelette, and have no seams (there is no batting put in these quilts).
Simply lay top of quilt and backing fabric right sides together stitch around the edge leaving an opening.  Turn right side out.  Top stitch around the edge. These quilts are given to the special care nursery at the St. Catharines hospital.
If you'd like to make some, we would be very grateful, contact us here. Thank you for your generosity in making these quilts, they touch everyone’s hearts.

Quilts to Slave Lake, AB
Members of our guild completed 60 quilts that were sent to Slave Lake, AB. A local trucking firm took these quilts to Edmonton for free. These quilts were for members of the community who lost almost everything to a devastating fire in 2016. More are still being assembled and will be going to Fort McMurray for fire victims as well.

Here are some pictures:


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