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What's happening...

The quilt show at the Pen Centre is over, it was a great success, everyone loved seeing our quilts. Click here to see the photos.

Don't forget our meetings are SCENT FREE.

Our speaker for March is our renowned local designer, Al Cote. You don't want to miss this!

Afternoon Group   Vice President's Challenge

We're getting a little adventurous and are going to try some canvas work starting in February. Kits have been ordered and are on their way! The pattern is called "Airing the Winter Quilts", what could be more appropriate! Come see what we're doing!


The Tunes of our Life  

Your challenge this year is to pick one of the three song titles selected, and represent the feelings and theme in a quilted item. It can be a wall quilt, small clothing item, or decorative item, like a table cloth or runner or free standing sculpture. We want you to have fun (and sing an old tune while you do).

  The titles selected are:  
From the 50's
by Frank Sinatra
From the 60's
by Petula Clark
From the 70's
by Neil Diamond

The Perimeter of the article may be no larger than 120 inches.

The judging criteria will be:

1. Interpretation of the Theme
2. General Appearance
3. Workmanship
4. Viewers Choice

The finished entry must be handed in to the Vice President no later than the end of the General Meeting on April 18th , 2018.  It must be enclosed in a bag or packaging and be accompanied by a completed entry form. Click here for the entry form.


We have a great lineup of guest speakers set up for 2017-2018, check the programme and workshop pages for a list of who's coming, we have all kinds of things planned, stay tuned!

Our meeting dates for 2017-2018 are:

  September 20, 2017

  October 18, 2017

  November 15, 2017

 January 17, 2018

  February 21, 2018

 March 21, 2018

  April 18, 2018

 May 16, 2018 (AGM)


  Click here to contact us